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Andra Nadeau, Child Family Counsellor Mental Health Play Therapist

Andra is an experienced child and family mental health therapist and a Registered Clinical Social Worker. 

Andra is not accepting new clients. 

Many children struggle with emotional and behavioural challenges that affect their wellbeing and optimal functioning - for complex reasons.


This experience is often hard for caregivers, too.


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Child and Family Therapy

Each year matters in the life of a child. Mental health problems that are caught early can prevent further compounding challenges and support healthy development. Ultimately, mental health therapy supports current and future wellbeing and optimal functioning.

I work together with families to carefully understand and support each child’s wellbeing.

First, we develop a common understanding of what is getting in the way, and where you want to go. Mental health is complex, so we build a map. Your family brings your knowledge of your unique child, and I bring my specialized training and experience. 

Next, your child will be supported with playful yet effective approaches so that they can function and feel at their best, now and in years to come.​



Parent/Caregiver Counselling

Parents and caregivers know their children best, yet becoming a caregiver doesn’t come with knowledge and tools specific to mental health challenges, or emotions and behaviours.
Parenting is also highly personal, so using the tools that we know and have is often more difficult with our own children.  

I am here to help you better understand your child's mental health if you are unsure of whether or how they are struggling.

I  recognize parents and caregivers as the most important people in children’s lives. I include and equip caregivers in the therapeutic process of their child. I also support caregivers with the emotional challenges that arise with caregiving.
My goal is for parents and caregivers to feel confident responding to their child and sustaining their own wellbeing in the process.

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If your child has big feelings that seem out of proportion and aren’t going away,
and you’re struggling to help them,
I am committed to supporting your family's wellbeing. 

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Bicycle rider. Cat cuddler. Yoga enthusiast.

Andra is qualified in many effective child- and family-focused therapies.

Counsellor Andra Nadeau with children
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