Counselling and Assessment Services


Once you request services for child, family, or caregiver counsellingI will contact you within 48 hours to confirm that I am a good fit for your needs (or provide recommendations), and discuss any questions you have for me. If you are unsure if my services are right for you, this is a good place to start. 

Next, we schedule an intake session to better understand challenges and strengths, and to guide solutions. In addition to our conversations, I incorporate standardized screening and assessment tools which are specific to developmental stages. Intake sessions are generally for parents only; please discuss with me if including your child in the intake would be a better process for your family. 
For more complex presentations, a more thorough assessment is completed. A detailed report can be requested. Mental health assessment reports help families, school staff, physicians, and other  team members better understand a child's presenting concerns.

I provide sessions for children and caregivers individually, and together. I use different family, talk, and/or play therapies to suit the needs of each child, caregiver, and family!

Some of the challenges I support children and families with are:

  • anxiety

  • ADHD

  • behaviour challenges

  • adoption

  • other caregiving changes, such as parental separation

  • difficult life experiences (trauma)

  • family relationship challenges

  • sleeping difficulties

  • grief 


Child and Family Therapy

Child counselling play therapy toys

Caregiver/Parent Therapy

Parent connected with child

Mental Health Assessment Reports



$130 / 60-minute session (as per provincial guidelines)
$300 / detailed mental health assessment report

I am a Registered Social Worker. My services can be claimed under extended health insurance plans.

I am registered with the First Nations Health Authority which provides coverage for mental health services.
For more information about FNHA coverage, visit:  Mental Health Benefit (