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Child Mental Health Assessment and Therapy

Child and Family Therapy

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Caregiver/Parent Counselling

Parent connected with child



Once you request mental health services. I will confirm that I am a good fit for your needs (or provide recommendations).

I may need to place your child on my
waitlist to ensure I am not overbooked and clients can see me regularly for effective service. 

(Sometimes parents are aware of minimal mental health services available and wonder if their child's presenting concerns are severe enough for my services. I strongly believe in early intervention, so please be in touch if you are noticing early signs of mental health support needs.) 

Next, we schedule an intake session. In addition to our conversations, I incorporate standardized screening and assessment tools which are specific to developmental stages. I present a plan for what I believe will be most helpful, which we agree to together.  

Generally, I like to meet with parents/caregivers on their own first so that you can speak more freely; you may instead choose to include your child in the initial intake session. 

I provide therapy sessions for children/teens and caregivers individually, and together. I use different family, talk, and/or play therapies to suit the specific needs of each child, caregiver, and family!

You may request a written report or letter of my assessment and your child's progress in therapy at any time.

Some of the challenges I support children and families with are:

  • anxiety

  • ADHD

  • behaviour challenges

  • adoption

  • other caregiving changes, such as parental separation*

  • difficult life experiences (trauma and grief)

  • family relationship challenges

  • sleeping difficulties

I have special interests in supporting early childhood mental health, children who are neurodiverse (such as children with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder), and honoring cultural safety. 

*Please note that I cannot provide recommendations to court for guardianship or parenting time purposes. 



$130 / 60-minute session (as per provincial guidelines)

I am a Registered Clinical Social Worker. My services can be claimed under extended health insurance plans.
Please let me know if your insurance coverage does not cover R(C)SW; I may be able to help. 

I am registered with the First Nations Health Authority which provides coverage for mental health services. If you are eligible for coverage with FNHA, please let me know before your first appointment (sessions must be pre-approved for coverage). 
For more information about FNHA coverage, visit:  Mental Health Benefit (

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